Biorem Energy



Processing 100% of dairy farm waste.


Through the Biorem Energy System, dairy farms are able to add additional cows to milking herds by improving land management practices.

Dairies are generally limited in how many cows per acre of land owned because it is assumed a farmer must dump manure solids and effluent on the farms' surrounding land. When excess manure solids and effluent are released on the land, environmental contamination of the aquifer or local above ground streams can jeopardize the health and safety of neighboring property.

When the Biorem Energy System processes the manure effluent stream and transforms the flush system utilizing cleaned waste water for flushing, the closed loop system allows the dairy to greatly reduce land application. This allows dairy farms the benefit of adding more cows per acre of land by improving land management practices.


Improving overall animal health.

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Normally dairy farms take flush (or waste water) from a lagoon made up of settled effluent and pumps the flush back through the cow manure lanes to move the manure from where the cows eat, drink, and poop down to the lagoons.

After the Biorem Energy System produces biogas, we separate the solids to make fertilizer products. The remaining pathogen reduced and thermally treated waste water is transferred to a treatment flush pond. Biorem Energy uses its proprietary technology to reduce harmful compounds in the dairy flush pond creating a positive effect on the animal health systems. 

About 7% of dairy farm cows are lost each year due to foot disease and falling in fluid lanes

The treated flush is designed to improve hoof health and reduce lane slippage conditions.


Providing less expensive electricity for dairy farms.


Biorem Energy separates the green house gases produced during its anaerobic digestive processes to power a biogas generator returning power to the dairy at a reduced rate while eliminating utility price escalation.


Saving California water.


Biorem Energy purifies and reclaims well water for use in wash down and misting. 

The meat and dairy industries use 47% of California's water supply.

A single medium sized dairy farm can consume over 100,000 gallons of water per day.

Biorem Energy uses a water reclamation technology to purify waste water for re-use by the dairy for sanitation, land management, and environmental control.

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Dairies consume over 2 billion gallons of fresh water each day.

The Biorem Energy System takes flush waste water and purifies it through a series of filtration divides. This purified and recycled flush water is ready for use on the dairy the very next day. As water continues to recycle in our closed system, the dairy water overall consumption drops significantly.